A World of Sound for Romanoff’s “Noah”

Posted on Aug 2, 2017
A World of Sound for Romanoff’s “Noah”

When Blue Chalk Media came to us with a short film on the subject of neighborhood revitalization in Flint, Michigan, the power of the subject matter combined with the excellent filmmaking drew us in. For Dig1 engineer Chip Sloan, this story was even closer to home  – he grew up 30 minutes outside of Flint and has seen firsthand the challenges of a community in transition. He knew that sound design would add to the realism of this powerful story.


Working in collaboration with director Dana Romanoff remotely via Skype, Chip was able to build a world of sound for “Noah” that fit the director’s vision. The subject’s journey starts in a world of gunshots, broken glass and abandoned houses then transitions to a neighborhood in the early stages of promising growth. Much of that transition relied on a sense of mounting tension, reflected in the colliding sonic elements of the film’s climax scene.

“Noah” recently won a Communicator Award and W3 award and has been featured in The Atlantic, The Guardian and National Geographic Digital Showcase, among others. It will be premiering at the Crested Butte film festival this fall. 

Experience the storytelling and sound design of Dana Romanoff’s “Noah” here: