We here at Digital One love to get down and dirty with all sorts of community events, organizations and causes. Here are some of our favorites — take a peek and consider lending your support!
Cause #1: Riding bikes
Gründelbrüiser - Digital One - Portland, ORTeam Gründelbrüisers began with a muddy vision. Chip Sloan and Geoff Rogers, after being humbled by stiff competition in their inaugural 2006 season, knew they wanted more out of cyclocross. What followed was a vision-quest of sorts. Sloan procured a keg of beer and a lot of pretzels and the two men spent days poring over texts by Nietzsche and Kierkegaard, ultimately arriving at a philosophical balance between the morose and the idealistic. The conclusion at which they’d arrived became somewhat of a team mantra:
“Bruises of the Grundel are a part of cyclocross. We must prepare for them. We must make them our friends. For if they are not our friends, then they are enemies to be feared.”
Find out more about Team Gründelbrüisers here: http://www.grundelbruisers.com
Cause #2: Supporting OMPA
Oregon Media Production Association

“Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA) is the largest nonprofit association for commercial, film and TV professionals in Oregon, uniting crew, talent agencies, producers, directors and others who cater to the industry”, and an extremely valuable resource for anyone involved in media production. Check out OMPA.org to find out information about the Oregon Media Production Association, and how you can become involved.
Cause #3: nwFilm Center
Pacific Northwest Film Center, Portland, OR

Established in 1971, the Northwest Film Center is a regional media arts resource and service organization founded to encourage the study, appreciation, and utilization of the moving image arts, foster their artistic and professional excellence, and to help create a climate in which they may flourish. The Center provides a variety of film and video exhibition, education, and information programs primarily directed to the residents of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska.
Through exhibition, education, outreach and artists services, the nwFilm Center supports the burgeoning cinema scene in Portland, and provides an extremely valuable resource to the community — access to beautiful art and appreciation of the Pacific Northwest’s film culture. If you’re interested in getting involved, check out how you can volunteer for the Portland International Film Festival!
Cause #4: Bicycle Transportation Alliance
Bicycle Transportation Alliance - Digital One - Portland, OR
Not only do we proudly participate in the annual Bike Commute Challenge, but we’re also huge supporters of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA). Since 1990 the BTA has been working tirelessly with the public, Oregon businesses and elected officials to maximize [and utilize] Portland’s bicycle infrastructure, and focus on creating healthy communities by reducing dependence on motor vehicles and making happier, healthier Oregonians. Check them out at btaoregon.org.


Cause #5: NW Documentary
NW Documentary - Digital One - Portland, OR“NW Documentary practices, teaches, and shares the art of non-fiction storytelling,” but they also offer an extremely important service to our community: understanding. They call attention to important issues that might otherwise be overlooked, and work endlessly to create content that helps spark a discussion about the bigger picture. Learn more about NW Documentary at nwdocumentary.org.
Cause #6: Oregon Film
Oregon Governor's Office of Film & Television - Digital One - Portland, OR“The Oregon Governor’s Office of Film & Television has been helping productions find, secure, and utilize magnificent locations since 1968. Their mission is to promote the development of the film, video, and multimedia industry in Oregon and to enhance the industry’s revenues, profile, and reputation within Oregon and among the industry internationally.” Needless to say, Oregon Film is an invaluable asset for the Oregon media production community, and the time, effort and care they pour into their cause is unparalleled. Learn more at OregonFilm.org.