Today, the sun is going to explode

Posted on May 9, 2016
Today, the sun is going to explode

Luckily, there’s a kickstarter campaign to get a lucky few out of harm’s way and onto another habitable planet. And if you’re not on the mothership, well… you’re just SOL.

Our friends at Elephant Laboratories have crafted an epic strategy board-game called SOL: Last Days of a Star, where players compete for the precious remaining energy left in our dying sun. They need to gather enough to blast their mothership into space before the sun goes supernova and destroys our entire solar system. After countless hours of playtesting and revisions, the game is ready, and you can preorder a copy now.


To get you in the mood, check out the thrilling launch video. It doesn’t leave you feeling very hopeful for humanity’s survival, but that seems to be true for most content on the internet. Enjoy!

(All images courtesy of Mark Dusk)