Foley In Full Effect: First Look @ “The BoxTrolls”

Posted on Jul 25, 2013
Foley In Full Effect: First Look @ “The BoxTrolls”

Portland-based stop-motion animation powerhouse LAIKA recently revealed the teaser trailer for “The BoxTrolls“, the highly anticipated “what’s next?” to 2012’s Oscar-nominated “ParaNorman“, and eerily captivating [while simultaneously horrifying] “Coraline“. Already getting loads of attention from media outlets like Huffington Post and the Hollywood Reporter, the suspense is building and the world is waiting…
Scheduled to be unleashed on the world September 26th, 2014, “The BoxTrolls” is a hybrid of jaw-dropping 3D stop-motion and awe-inspiring CG, based on the wildly fantastic fantasy novel “Here Be Monsters“, written and illustrated by everyone’s hero, Alan Snow.
“The BoxTrolls” teaser trailer features sound design and pre-mix by Dig1 mix master Eric Stolberg and foley by the venerable noise-maker Ryan Mauk. As seen in the photographic evidence below, Ryan went to great lengths to really become “one” with the BoxTrolls. With great precision and the steady hands of a well-seasoned auditory surgeon, Ryan shaped the sonic delightfulness featured in “The BoxTrolls” teaser trailer with extensive care, paying special attention to the unique fit, form and function of the clothing choice (?) that is the (let’s be honest) center-of-attention of the newest film in the LAIKA Entertainment family.
Translation: Ryan cut up boxes to make it sound more authentic, because he’s just that kind of a foley nerd.
Just try to take your eyes off of those oh-so-beautifully shaped boxes. You can’t, can you. Breathtaking.
LAIKA - The BoxTrolls Foley - Digital One - Portland, OR

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