Studios Need Love Too, Upgrading Our Mixing Suites

Posted on Apr 10, 2017
Studios Need Love Too, Upgrading Our Mixing Suites

While hanging out in our studios getting your sounds made and your project refined, you may have noticed that everything always looks the same. The gear doesn’t change and the mixing suites look so similar to one another that we forget which one we’re in sometimes. The projects change but the studio stays the same. And in a way, that is true. We believe in investing in good gear and getting all of the life we can from it. Like that perfect sneaker we found 15 years ago – those shoes are for keeps.

Our studios are more than just similar on the surface, they are the same down to every last wire. Painstakingly labeled, checked, tested and retested, you can pretty much jump from one studio to the next and keep the project going no matter which suite you are mixing in at Digital One. The only difference in our suites was in mixing capabilities. While Studios 1 & 2 had full blown 5.1 capabilities, sibling studio #3 has been a stereo-only mixing suite for all these years, which hardly seems fair. So, different no more. All mixing suites at Digital One have matching everything, down to those perfect labels and mixing capabilities.

This time around, we decided that merely updating our software and adding 5.1 mixing to Studio 3 wasn’t challenging enough. So while we were elbow-deep in upgrades, we did some rewiring and gear removal in all the rooms. And why not rearrange the inputs and outputs of each studio’s patchbays to be sure it’s just right? In fact, why stop there? Perhaps we should look into adding some more video capabilities to the rooms. Well, lets save that for part 2.

Upgrade Labels 1 Soldering On

All that behind-the-scenes work happens by our engineers at Digital One. Upgrading our software is a task we do not take lightly. In fact, when we find the best combination of operating systems, software and plug-ins we tend to bless them and let them alone. Yet every few years the gods of technology demand that we bite the bullet and update everything, in all the rooms, and so we do it all. Our engineers at Digital One know our gear the best and are obsessive about keeping our studios at 110%.

If you were to look behind the panels in the walls or underneath the mixing desks, you would see that beautifully obsessive work in all its artful glory. Studio 3 is now rocking full 5.1 capabilities and all 3 main Suites have been upgraded and have nice orderly patchbays.

Geek happiness.