Step back PBR. We’ve got Pinot in a can!

Posted on Sep 22, 2014
Step back PBR. We’ve got Pinot in a can!

As lovers of all things Oregon and alcohol, the folks here at Dig1 were stoked to work on this project for Union Wine Co.’s Underwood “Pinot in a Can”. Man! Digital One audio engineer Chip Sloan joined forces with a wine-time dream-team including David Cress (producer), Andrew Dickson (director) and Austin Howe (writer) to produce these lush-ious spots. The result? Wine-in-box and wine-in-a-bottle’s worst enemy.
And why wine in a can? Say you’ve planned a romantic picnic and forgot the wine opener. Not to worry! You brought tasty and travel-friendly wine in a can. You are a genius.





Intrigued? Learn more about Underwood Pinot in a Can from Union Wine Co.