REV’IT! – Designed for Adventure REV’IT! – Designed for Adventure
adidas / Bonethrower adidas / Bonethrower
Lululemon – Current State Stoke Lululemon – Current State Stoke
Icon – TiMax – Titanium Riding Collection Icon – TiMax – Titanium Riding Collection
Swanson Studio – Muscle Burn Swanson Studio – Muscle Burn
Mammoth Mountain – “Sounds Like Fun” Mammoth Mountain – “Sounds Like Fun”
adidas – L.A. Stories “Pool” adidas – L.A. Stories “Pool”
Nike – Lunar Epic “Hill Leveler” Nike – Lunar Epic “Hill Leveler”
adidas – Z.N.E. “Aaron Rodgers” adidas – Z.N.E. “Aaron Rodgers”
Puma – “evoSpeed” Puma – “evoSpeed”
Nike – “Breathe Deeply” Nike – “Breathe Deeply”
Party Legends – “Eric Andre” Party Legends – “Eric Andre”
Microsoft – “Can a Surface make you faster?” Microsoft – “Can a Surface make you faster?”
“Stella’s Baby Sitting Service” excerpt “Stella’s Baby Sitting Service” excerpt
Nike “Allyson vs. Rocket” Nike “Allyson vs. Rocket”
Icon “AFP” Icon “AFP”
Nike “Up Hill Sprint” Nike “Up Hill Sprint”
Black Diamond “Live Climb Repeat” Black Diamond “Live Climb Repeat”
Kevin Love: Chocolate Milk Kevin Love: Chocolate Milk
Wildfang “Evan Rachel Would” Wildfang “Evan Rachel Would”
MasterCraft “Blurring the Lines” MasterCraft “Blurring the Lines”
Jordan XX9 “Tailored For Flight” Jordan XX9 “Tailored For Flight”
MasterCraft Mission 04 “History Is History” MasterCraft Mission 04 “History Is History”
adidas miCoach “Smart Run” adidas miCoach “Smart Run”
Levis Skateboarding “Strong Made Stronger” Levis Skateboarding “Strong Made Stronger”
Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine
adidas Originals “Roundhouse Instinct” adidas Originals “Roundhouse Instinct”
ESPN X Games “Trampoline” ESPN X Games “Trampoline”
Chrome Industries “Massan” Chrome Industries “Massan”
Yurbuds “Infinite Loop” Yurbuds “Infinite Loop”
Gerber “The Instant” Gerber “The Instant”
BMW Motorcycles “Boots” BMW Motorcycles “Boots”
Russell Athletic Russell Athletic
Nike “Lunarlon Hyperdunk” Nike “Lunarlon Hyperdunk”
Nike+ “Train like Hope Solo” Nike+ “Train like Hope Solo”
Project London “Danger” Project London “Danger”
Nike “Jump Rope” Nike “Jump Rope”
Nike TW13 “Free Your Swing” Nike TW13 “Free Your Swing”
ESPN / Nissan “Heisman House” ESPN / Nissan “Heisman House”
Old Spice “Fabio’s Hair” Old Spice “Fabio’s Hair”
Nike “P-Rod IV” Nike “P-Rod IV”
Brooks “Bubbles” Brooks “Bubbles”
United Way “One” United Way “One”
Surfrider Foundation “Rise Above Plastics” Surfrider Foundation “Rise Above Plastics”
Oregon Coast Aquarium “Crab Dance” Oregon Coast Aquarium “Crab Dance”
Janet Jackson “Fight” Janet Jackson “Fight”
Nike “Joga3” Nike “Joga3”
EA Games “The Foley Fartist” EA Games “The Foley Fartist”
Levi’s “To Work” Levi’s “To Work”
Target “Doodads” Target “Doodads”
Operation: Fish (Excerpt) Operation: Fish (Excerpt)
Pepsi Amp “Power Cables” Pepsi Amp “Power Cables”
Drive Less Save More “Dear Nana” Drive Less Save More “Dear Nana”
FusionCore “Fluent” FusionCore “Fluent”
Stage Two Stage Two
Old Spice “Matterhorn” Old Spice “Matterhorn”
Oregon Lottery “Salon” Oregon Lottery “Salon”
Nike “Rivalry TCU” Nike “Rivalry TCU”
Target “Elves” Target “Elves”
Queen of the Sun Queen of the Sun
Nike “Black Mamba” Nike “Black Mamba”
Tempbot Tempbot
Nike “Emeka Okafor” Nike “Emeka Okafor”
Starbucks “Iced Coffee” Starbucks “Iced Coffee”
COVA “Good Year” COVA “Good Year”
World Wildlife Fund “Climate Change” World Wildlife Fund “Climate Change”
Stella’s Flight Stella’s Flight
SpikeTV “Stripperella” SpikeTV “Stripperella”
Humane Society “Pet Town” Humane Society “Pet Town”
Meteor Crater Museum Meteor Crater Museum
Hinge Digital “RoboBrigade” Hinge Digital “RoboBrigade”
Deep Green “Energy Efficiency” Deep Green “Energy Efficiency”
Coke “Connect” Coke “Connect”
Valvoline “Robot” Valvoline “Robot”
Partnership For Drug-Free America “SLOM’ing” Partnership For Drug-Free America “SLOM’ing”
NIKEiD “Soccer” NIKEiD “Soccer”
Oregon Public Broadcasting “Identity” Oregon Public Broadcasting “Identity”
EA Sims “Happy Now” EA Sims “Happy Now”
Parker “Intoxicating” Parker “Intoxicating”
Michael Jordan Museum – Bejing Michael Jordan Museum – Bejing
Portland Parks “Spring Chicken” Portland Parks “Spring Chicken”
Travel Oregon “The Oregon Golfers” Travel Oregon “The Oregon Golfers”
Eric Stolberg <br>Owner / Mixer Eric Stolberg
Owner / Mixer
Hollie Fee <br>Producer Hollie Fee
Reed Harvey <br>Sound Designer & Mixer Reed Harvey
Sound Designer & Mixer
Ryan Mauk <br>Sound Designer & Mixer Ryan Mauk
Sound Designer & Mixer
Michelle Stolberg <br> Business Manager Michelle Stolberg
Business Manager
Murphy <br>Dog Murphy
Chip Sloan <br>Sound Designer & Mixer Chip Sloan
Sound Designer & Mixer
Laura Ocean <br>Producer Laura Ocean