Ringer Around The Rosey Awards

Posted on Dec 8, 2014
Ringer Around The Rosey Awards

Last night we made the epic trek to the Eastside Exchange for the Portland Advertising Federation’s 2014 Rosey Awards, to celebrate the fine work that our fellow Oregonians (and SW Washingtonians) have created in the past year. Historically, it’s a night filled with hootin & hollerin, and last night was no exception. This year we were completely honored [and ridiculously jazzed] to take home not just one, but two Rosey Awards for our sweet audio caressing. That means that we’re now two for two in the audio category [established in 2013], and aspire to maintain our undefeated-heavyweight-champ-status from here on out.
First up was the Chrome Industries “Massan Barrage Cargo” web video produced by the absurdly rad folks at Kamp Grizzly. To accompany Massan Fluker’s badass bike ride through Portland, Chip Sloan, arguably Dig1’s #1 cycle enthusiast, hit the streets on his fixed gear (affectionately named “White Lightning”) and recorded riding, skidding, sliding, and track standing audio that could be mixed into the piece. It was a paradisiacal collaboration between Dig1 mixer Sloan, Kamp Grizzly lifeblood (and talented director) Dan Portrait, unflappable producer Nick Traeger, and xTonyx Wallace, who served as the picture editor extraordinaire.

Our second Rosey [a.k.a. pride & joy] was for another accolade-generating piece from 2014, MasterCraft’s “Mission 04: History Is History.” Dig1’s resident sonic-the-homedog Chip Sloan partnered with Mark Lewman and Jay Floyd of Nemo Design, and Mark Bame of Bump Films to round out the ebb, drone and flow of this three-minute web video. This same piece also earned a spot on the CLIO shortlist for sound design, as well as an AICP award (learn everything there is to know about it over here).
If you wanna immerse yourself in the soon-to-be-classic “Sloan Drone” further check it out here:


It’s beyond an honor to be recognized for our audio post work and we are entirely grateful for all of the fabulous people we got to work with in 2014. We’re blessed to be part of this spectacular and supportive community, and would like to give the PAF a special thank you for bringing us all together. 2015, bring it. We’re ready for ya.