Nike SB P-Rod 7 Detours @ Dig1

Posted on Jul 18, 2013
Nike SB P-Rod 7 Detours @ Dig1

Last weekend you might have noticed the swarm of people at the Rose Garden in Northeast Portland for the Nike SB Street League skateboarding competition. If you’re lucky you might have spotted P-Rod all ‘Where’s Waldo’-ed in that swarm of people, or you might have seen him win the entire event and take home the $100,000 prize. All of that might have happened to you.
A few weeks ago, something happened to us. The fine folks at Afterall came to Dig1 with just under four minutes of side-ache-inducing hilariousness revolving around the new Nike SB P-Rod 7, garnished with a bit of Blake Anderson [of Workaholics fame]. The result is Nike SB’s latest and greatest footwear webfilm “Skate Safari Tours”, featuring the brand-spanking-new P-Rod 7 with Lunarlon technology.
Already getting attention from Thrasher Magazine for the it’s innovative design and boundary-pushing capabilities, the Paul Rodriguez 7 is designed to viciously hit the bricks and do some tricks. For a live look, visit Nice Kicks to scope them out before getting a pair of your own.
Besides the all-hail-Paul-Rodriguez trick at the end, try to spot P-Rod somewhere hidden in this bad boy:

And a little bit o’ behind the scenes action for good measure: