Livestream a Podcast? What A Nice Idea

Posted on May 17, 2017
Livestream a Podcast? What A Nice Idea

For the last couple of years Andy Askren and Eric Stolberg have been working on a labor of love project known as Have A Nice Idea. It’s an interview-based podcast series with some of advertising’s best to find out how they got into the business, what keeps them in it and how great work gets done. The format is a casual one-on-one conversation usually recorded in a bar, coffee shop or bike shop.

The most recent episode presented the opportunity to record an interview in front of a live audience during Design Week Portland. Anne Elisco-Lemme, Executive Creative Director at Duncan Channon, was gracious enough to agree to Uber from San Francisco to the Grady Britton home office. She and Andy sat down and drank some wine while she gave insight into her journey through the world of advertising with her refreshing perspective and humorous stories.



Recording a podcast in a coffee shop has it’s fair share of obvious challenges but recording in front of an audience adds a whole new set of difficulties such as amplifying the interview and providing mics for live questions. As it was Design Week Portland, we couldn’t leave good enough alone and decided that this was also the perfect opportunity to livestream the event onto the web.

Eric and Reed devised a plan to pull off three tasks simultaneously: live sound, recording the audio podcast all the while streaming it onto the HANI Facebook page. They brought a carload of workstations, speakers and cameras, hooked it all up, invited guests to join the digital discussion, then cracked a beer. As if livestreaming wasn’t enough, they decided to be super meta and livestreamed the behind the scenes of the livestream.

Have A Nice Idea has featured the likes of Mr. Joe Staples (Wieden + Kennedy), JD Hooge (Instrument), Tracy Wong (WONGDOODY), Jelly Helm (Studio Jelly), Glenn Cole (72andSunny), Danielle Trivisonno Hawley (Possible) and Bill Borders (Borders, Perrin, Norrander).

Episode 8 with Anne Elisco-Lemme can be found here and the saved (a.k.a. not-so-livestream) video of the event can be found here.