Posted on Mar 24, 2015

A match made in heaven?
Fact: We’ve got three avid rock climbers on staff here at Dig1 (how very Portland of us — we know we know). They’re those dedicated fools who spend their free time figuring out how to spend all their free time climbing things. You might say that sound editor Chip Sloan is the ring leader, and no exception to the rule —- he’s a climber who spends a lot of his free time sleeping at crags around the state, so he was stoked to partner with Black Diamond to help them tell the story they wanted to tell, because they practice what they preach. They walk the walk. They climb the problem. We can relate.
Dig1 was supplied with nearly six hours of interview footage of passionate climbers revealing what climbing meant to them. We then crafted the story, edited the interviews down, and paired it all with music that helped match the vibe.
Once we had the audio mix dialed in and had worked with Black Diamond to nail down their narrative, Chip ascended the stairs and sat down with our ultra-homies at Mission Control to polish the look and feel of the piece.
Working closely with Mission Control editor William Shultz, Chip bridged the aural and visual aesthetics to create this tribute to climbing life. MC colorist Jalal Jemison added the finesse that propels you into the climber’s world and puts that ever illusive Black Diamond vibe into full force. Check the video out below, then go climb something.

Learn more about #LiveClimbRepeat and Black Diamond here.