Do you know how to describe the sound of one hand clapping? Can you replicate all of the sounds to Star Wars Ep. IV with your mouth? (Ask us about that sometime.) If so, then maybe you have what it takes to apply for an internship at Digital One. Our intern program is built for those who want to learn what goes into designing world-class sound from some world-class folks who do it professionally.

What You’ll Learn

As an intern at Digital One you will learn about the demands of doing work for real-world clients. You will build a solid technical foundation of know-how that gives your creativity a platform on which to grow. You will gain an understanding of the rigors of client demands and the satisfaction of creating the perfect sound within the timeframe and budget.

What We Require

To work in any capacity at Digital One we demand attention to detail and the drive to deliver stellar service.


Interns are expected to complete 144 work hours over the course of the 3-month internship. Interns should plan to commit at least two 6-hour days per week for the first month. After the first month, the days and times of the required hours may become more flexible.

In addition to fulfilling the work hours, interns are expected to complete one personal sound design project as part of their internship.

Application Process

Applicants must provide a resume, links to portfolio or previous sound work, a proposed personal sound design project and reasons for wanting to be an intern at Digital One.  The applications can be found below.

Currently Open for Applications:

Summer 2020 (June – August)


Thanks for your interest in Digital One.