MasterCraft’s History Is History Wins an AICP Award!

Posted on Jul 16, 2014
MasterCraft’s History Is History Wins an AICP Award!

One of our absolute favorite things is doing solid work. Throwing our hat into the ring and doing it to it. Often those spots go out into the world and live their lives, contributing to society by adding thoughtful creative and succulent ear candy, actively subscribing to the proud trade of audio craftmanship.
This time though, we sent a spot out into the world and it was kicked back with the ultimate kick back. A win in the Sound Design category from the Association of Independent Commercial Producers at the AICP Show: The Art & Technique of the American Commercial. Whoa indeed. And to top it all off, “Mission 04: History Is History,” the now award-winning web film for the 2014 MasterCraft ProStar, was revealed at the AICP Show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, NY, where it will be archived in the Department of Film until the end of time. Following its premiere at MoMA, “Mission 04: History Is History” will tour museums and cultural institutions around the world as part of the AICP Show Reel.
The three minute web film, conceived and executed by the talented folks at Nemo Design, with the help of production company Bump Films, features the ProStar in Phantom slow motion, complete with ski jumpers and slalom skiers who seem to defy the laws of physics. Chip “Drone” Sloan began working with Director Mark Bame and Producer Rebecca Hynes early in pre-production, with the goal of capturing the feeling of being out on the water without using a music track. Just the growl of the engine and the sounds of skiers carving through the water.
Recording high-quality location audio of each boat was essential. Specifically mic’ing each vessel to capture the signature sound of the vintage MasterCraft and the 2014 ProStar was the first step, then came the addition of precise sound design, used to create an intimate, layered experience. We’re particularly proud of this web film because it’s a shining example of how good planning, strong partnership, and a lot of careful craft can result in stellar sound design that becomes part of the storytelling in a subtle, natural way.
To learn more about Chip “Drone” Sloan’s approach, check out this post about his MasterCraft “History is History” recording and sound design process. View the award-winning spot below, and browse the entire AICP archive of current and past winners at Congrats to everyone involved. High five.