Hand-Roasted by Dee Juan @ Nossa Familia

Posted on Jan 4, 2013
Hand-Roasted by Dee Juan @ Nossa Familia

We’re huge fans of Nossa Familia around these parts; so when we were given the opportunity to brew our own blend of Dee Juan coffee, we just couldn’t resist. It’s small batch, anti-fur, vegan, wind, hand, solar and bike powered, but it’s tested on animals [in the good way] because we tried it and survived. Locally produced, sustainably crafted and backwards compatible. Augusto, Rob and the entire team at Nossa Familia were oh-so-kind to show us the ropes — and we definitely learned a lot.
For instance — we never knew coffee could have an aroma with hints of apricot, cedar, or pipe tobacco..
Stop by the studio to try out Dee Juan’s Hand-Roasted “Joe REV_12” blend for yourself!
Dee Juan Stamp       Tequilla




Eric Stolberg the Roaster

Green Beans at Nossa Familia

Brazilian Coffee

Cupping at Nossa Familia

Green Beans

Michelle Stolberg Michelle Stolberg





Nossa Familia Beans

Dee Juan Bags

Dee Juan Bags Round 2 Cupping Process @ Nossa Familia




Hand-roasted by Dig1

Stamped by Dee Juan