Finding NEMO

Posted on Apr 17, 2014
Finding NEMO

Never before have your eyes been able to reach their full potential. That is, unless you attended the 40th Annual Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival, the yearly celebration of Pacific Northwest film-making talent made possible by the NW Film Center. If you blew it and missed your chance last November, never fear! The NW Film Center is doing a “Best Of” night tonight (Thursday) and Saturday — and your eyes will get one more opportunity to feast on the visual wonderfullness that is “NEMO” — the latest collaboration from directors Adrienne Leverette and Rob Tyler.
Shot with a Bolex H16 Rex 5 on Kodak Vision3 50D film stock (with a few other mediums thrown in like ink, bleach and stop motion animation), and mixed by Dig1’s very own Ryan Mauk, “NEMO” is a glimpse of the legendary Fred Nemo — a.k.a. “The Dancer” for Sub Pop recording artist Hazel, who rose to fame in the 1990’s and called Portland, OR home. Winner of the “Best Short Film — Audience Favorite” honor at the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival, “NEMO” is a fascinating portrait of a truly original human being.
“NEMO” will be screened tonight (Thursday), April 17th at 7pm, as well as Saturday, April 19th at 5pm at the Whitsell Auditorium at the Portland Art Museum. If you missed it at the 40th NW Filmmakers’ Fest in 2013, don’t make the same mistake twice —- you can buy tickets to the screenings here.
If globe-trotting is more your style, “NEMO” will also be playing across the pond at Sheffield Fringe in London this June — more details to come, but check out where the screening will take place: Hackney Picturehouse. Amazing.