Feel, or rather “Hear” the burn

Posted on May 31, 2017
Feel, or rather “Hear” the burn

When they began “20/2” in 2010, Swanson Studios wanted to find a way to reenergize their creativity, to find new inspiration and learn new technologies in photography. The goal for each year was to shoot 20 test shoots in 2 months building to 100 completed test shoots. This year was the culmination of 20/2, having their final 20 concepts in place and a desire to bring the community together to finish them.

The studio reached out to creatives in production, editorial, sound and music throughout Portland. They were offering an opportunity to work together in creative freedom ending with an exhibition at Swanson Studio to celebrate the completed projects. Along with the larger community, we were given the chance to do something artistic and interesting together; to stretch our collective inspiration. Among the stories, we were invited to collaborate with Eric Duvauchelle on a pair of videos that display a story of pushing your limits: two athletes pressing through extreme fatigue to near depletion.

Swanson Muscle Burn Man

Swanson Muscle Burn Woman



This story shows two Crossfit athletes performing a strenuous workout from start to finish, rest to exhaustion. We see the mental change as they determine to push past their pain threshold to reach to their goal. The concept included the hope that the viewer would feel some of the uncomfortable struggle the athletes were going through.

We were tasked with adding dynamics to the captured set audio, showcasing the athletes determination to get the final rep. Reed was given the creative direction to use a heartbeat as the base of the sound design. Adding to that, he explored the sound of the world closing in on you creating a concept for what it feels like to go through the intense pain yet continue to carry on. He used the dynamics of going underwater, your heartbeat in your ears, to expose the extreme exhaustion in one film while building and pushing through an uncomfortably strained tone in the other.

At Dig1 we like to push our creative limits, bringing a new sound to every story that comes our way. In working together we’re learning from one another, showcasing the unexpected and sharing inspiration. Going to the exhibition at Swanson Studio was a celebration of that collaboration and creativity. Everything from the works displayed to the transformation of the studio portrayed the spirit of teamwork and imagination.

You can view all of the 20/2 projects here: https://www.swansonstudio.us/20-2/