Here at Digital One, we’re all about good work and we love seeing it produced by our community. As audio post folks, we know what an important role sound plays. Good sound design and a proper mix can make all the difference in a finished piece, yet we often see projects go without. That’s why we’ve launched DigStarter.
DigStarter is our effort to improve the indie film scene one project at a time. We not only want to make ourselves available for sound design and mixing, we also want to provide a knowledge base for any questions you may have. Be it in pre or post-production, we’re available to help make your project sound its best. So, feel free to ask. We’re always willing to share knowledge and are looking to take on projects that fit our schedule and interest.

So, what do I gotta do?
Just ask. Then all you gotta do is come to the party ready to party.
Why are you doing this?
Since we don’t have a bed made of money, this is how we sleep at night. And our pockets are deep. With talent.
I’m famous. Do I get a discount?
Sure. Because we’re donating our services. So yeah. You’ll definitely get a discount.