Digital One Strava Segment: Front Ave – Get Me to Dig1

Posted on May 6, 2013
Digital One Strava Segment: Front Ave – Get Me to Dig1

As you’ve probably gathered, we here at Dig1 are avid bike riders. 80% of us commute via bike every day, and to add a bit of spice to our lives we now have our own Strava segment. We hereby challenge you to get to Dig1 as fast as you possibly can.
Here’s how it works.
>> First, you have to have Strava downloaded onto your smart device (or an account setup on your home computer that you can upload data from your Garmin or other fancy race-interval-training device).

>> Next, make sure you turn on Strava and that it’s documenting your ride.

>> Then, as you’re riding to Digital One on your super sweet ride, take note of when you get to the end of Waterfront Park, and are venturing deeper into SW Downtown. From the lights at the intersection of SW Naito Parkway (a.k.a. Front Ave) and SW Harrison Street, sprint (as hard as your little legs can go) south on Naito Parkway until you get to the new Trimet light rail tracks at the top of the hill (a.k.a Digital One).

>> At that point, you’ve either done it (yay!) or you haven’t (bummer). Take a quick right into the Dig1 parking lot, take a break and finish your Strava ride. Then come on up to the first floor and say what’s up.
Good luck!