Did You Know 6.0 Drops On Unsuspecting Earth

Posted on Apr 10, 2014
Did You Know 6.0 Drops On Unsuspecting Earth

The fine folks over at XPLANE recently released the sixth installment of the “Did You Know” series, focusing on marketplace evolution, adaptation, and eventual extinction of organizations unable (or unwilling) to redesign for the times. Aptly coined “Change to Thrive”, the animation dials in on how to approach business with a sense of survival, and how mindset can alter possibilities and livelihood in the 21st century.
Digital One Sound Designer Chip Sloan worked closely with the XPLANE creative and animation teams to dial in each sound effect to compliment the original music, and pack some punch into each carefully calculated visual treatment. Listen closely and you’ll hear how Sloan went so far as to tune the sound design to the key of the music. The we-should-get-around-to-patenting-it Dig1 audio flair rounds out each frame with the sound of dreams coming to life, or conversely, crumbling underneath unsteady business foundations. The result is an info-packed three minute glimpse into the lessons one must learn to survive in today’s ever-changing society, and the cold-hard-truth about what happens if you don’t recognize the signs and act accordingly.
Fun fact: XPLANE also organizes a fantastic meetup called Visual Thinking School (VTS), where curious design-oriented folk are encouraged to hang out, eat snacks, drink drinks, and discuss design principles and visual thinking tools. The next meetup is Thursday, May 1st from 4pm – 6pm — definitely worth checking out!
For more “Did You Know” videos, visit XPLANE’s YouTube page — and for more audio wonder, visit DigOne’s YouTube channel.