Design Week Portland: No longer just for your eyeballs

Posted on Sep 29, 2014
Design Week Portland: No longer just for your eyeballs

What’s the opposite of weak design? Sound design! And with Design Week Portland just around the corner, we’re excited to be opening our doors in celebration of the aural canvas and the artists that so vibrantly bring it to life. Just follow the sounds of T Rex roars and car chases to the party. Or, for those less prone to auditory spontaneity, come to our SW studios on Monday, October 6 from 4-7 pm for adult drinks, freshly spun records, and a lasting sense of pride in the Portland design community.
For the uninitiated, Design Week Portland is an annual event series showcasing the diverse and exciting designers and design teams that call our small city home. Only in it’s third year, it’s already become a staple of the Portland design culture. And you know what staples do: hold everything together. This is an opportunity to meet, laugh, cry and hug it out with the creative community of Portland. And get a peak behind many wizards’ curtains.
Don’t worry, there’s nothing lewd behind Digital One’s curtains, only a lean, well-oiled staff of audiophiles and sound technicians. We’re always excited at the opportunity to dispel the mystery behind our craft and spread the gospel of exceptional sound. DWP gives us the chance to not only do that, but also get to know our hard-working creative neighbors and attend to some serious partying down. And the fun doesn’t stop there. The rest of the week, we’ll repay the favor by crashing some of the other happenings around town. There are too many events to be able to see them all, so it’s unfortunate that you’ll have to miss all the other open houses that happen to fall during our time slot.
One thing you won’t miss, however, is the simultaneous party at Mission Control, one of Portland’s premier Post Houses. “Huh?” you might ask. “But Digital One, how can I be in two places at once? I don’t live in a non-linear editing program.” They are right upstairs from us! It’s basically going to be the same party, and we’ll be the kids in the basement with the better sound system.
In conclusion: Dig1 Open House-Party
Monday, October 6th from 4pm – 7pm PDT.
Vibes set by Rap Class (Dropping Gems / PDX).
Peanut butta & jelly sandwiches from PBJ’s Grilled.
Keg o’beer & lots o’wine.
See you there.