Hey Dude, where’s my parking space!?!

Posted on Nov 7, 2012
Hey Dude, where’s my parking space!?!

Everybody wants to know what the hell is going on with 1st Ave. Well, here’s the scoop:
As you can see from the image above, the very first tracks of the Downtown Portland to Milwaukie Light Rail Train are being laid to the north of Digital One. We’ve been working closely with Trimet for the past three years to prepare for this work, and continue to be in constant communication with construction crews throughout the building process. We’re excited to welcome the new light rail and all of it’s improvements to the neighborhood!
The biggest impact for Digital One has been the 4 foot lowering of SW 1st Avenue, which required us to close our front parking lot for three weeks, and has caused congestion on SW 1st for the past two months, as seen in the roadway plan below.
Portland Light Rail Trimet - Digital One - Portland, OR
Phase One: COMPLETE — November 17th through December 6th
Phase Two: IN PROGRESS — December 6th through December 21st
The Southbound lanes of SW 1st Avenue is being dug-up and re-graded to accommodate the lower road surface needed for the light rail tracks. The sidewalk on the Western side of the street will be completely redone. Although our parking lot on SW 1st Avenue is open, there are an additional six spaces located in the back parking lot located off of Naito Parkway. Access to Digital One and Mission Control is via the elevator or the back staircase (don’t worry, there’s plenty of signs).
For directions on how to access the Digital One parking garage from 405, the Morrison Bridge and other normal routes, please visit Digital One’s Location page. Again, there will be signage located on Naito Parkway to guide you into the correct parking area. If you experience any issues or have any questions at all, please call 503.228.3441.
After all is said and done, the newest member of the light rail fleet will cruise right by our studios, and is expected to be in use by the public in 2015. For a breakdown of the entire construction timeline, visit Trimet’s Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail website.