Notes From A Chromed Out Foley Process

Posted on Jan 21, 2014
Notes From A Chromed Out Foley Process

Massan Fluker, perhaps one of the most badass badasses to ever exist, has got some serious skill. In the recent Chrome Films + Kamp Grizzly collabo, Massan securely positions himself as the king of fixed gear gutsiness, barreling down Burnside going 40+ mph. The Massan Barrage Cargo from Chrome Industries never looked so good, but let’s face it — you can’t get the sound you want when bombing down Burnside or using a heli to get those rad aerial shots, so that’s where we come in.
Starting with a blank canvas — three minutes of footage without any natural or location audio — Chip got to work right away rounding out ambiances and adding sound effects. Now as many of you might know, Chip is a bike-obsessed audio perfectionist so the sounds of the bike were going to need to be 100 percent autentico.
To build the sound design for the fixed gear bike that Massan rides in the piece, Chip called upon the ridiculous awesomeness of White Lightning, his prized fixed gear track-racing bike, and his familiarity with the subtle sounds of riding it. ┬áIt is (and was, and always should be) extremely important to capture location audio that is as accurate as humanly slash digitally possible, so Chip ventured out to Portland’s Waterfront Park to record riding, skidding, sliding, and track standing that could be utilized in the film.
It might go without saying, but the real shining star of the piece are the toe clips featured at 1:53 during the daring and soon-to-be classic Burnside bomb. This particular sound sums up the approach taken for Massan’s sound design quite nicely: subtle, necessary and exactly the way sound design should be. Not a distraction, but rather complimentary to the overall feel of the piece. No longer just a beautiful music video, the sound design transports the viewer to the streets of Portland, able to experience Massan’s journey right beside him (and behind him, and above him).
To check out more about Chrome Familia rider Massan Fluker and the Barrage Cargo bag, visit the Chrome Industries website, and to learn more about Kamp Grizzly and their endeavors, visit