Posted on May 7, 2009

As I sit here slapping sweet sounding reverbs on things I’m remembering something I’ve been meaning to shout from atop my high horse…
Okay, so I take a wicked fun trip to Belize, if you’ve worked with me in the last few months you’ve heard all about it. It was a good time. As usual, I was obsessed with geeky sound stuff for a lot of the time. Howler monkeys make one wicked crazy sound at night, ’nuff said. But one thing I learned was about caves and reverb.
So, for a long time people have said “echo” when they mean reverb, no biggie. But when one says “make it sound like a cave” they usually mean all full of reverb right? Well, in Belize, as I wandered through extensive cave networks I found that I was shocked by how these caves sounded. I mean sure, to generalize caves into like sounding places is likely a mistake, but being the self-centered sort of guy I am, I’m gonna. These caves did not sound like caves. In fact, they were quite the opposite. All the crazy features really killed all sorts of reflections, they ended up sounding quite dead. Even in giant chambers, really not much reverb at all. I think everyone I was with likely tired of my hand clapping to test it, but really, dead.
So there you go. Caves don’t sound like caves and when you say echo you mean delay right?