Can a Rosey sound fast?

Posted on May 17, 2016


This year marked the 66th edition of the Portland Ad Federation’s Rosey awards, and to make it super special, it landed right in the middle of Design Week Portland. The Dig1 crew is no stranger to either of these events, so between DWP open houses, we cruised over to Polara Studios to partake in the award show mayhem (and photo booth). The spectacle did not disappoint when a stripper handed us our third consecutive Rosey award for sound in just as many years.

What work garnered said attention? Well, our friends at Nike and Must Be Something entrusted us with the sound design for a series of videos to launch the new Zoom Air Elite 8. Nike worked with some of the fastest athletes in the world to create short content that captured the essence of fast. Needless to say, fast visuals call for fast sound design; so we got busy making the sounds that say fast–the whoosh of a rocket, crack of a slap shot–all the subtleties and enormities that the storytelling requires.  Do they sound fast? Take a quick listen: