Onward and Upward a.k.a. Cam the Man

Posted on Aug 14, 2014
Onward and Upward a.k.a. Cam the Man

Word has spread far and wide that Cameron Shaw, our beloved Executive Producer, is hitting the road (metaphorically), after seven dutiful years at Digital One. The years have been good to him, but now it’s time for him to stick a fork in it and move on to his next endeavor. He has been a mentor, a confidant, and a therapist for all that have plopped down on the Dig1 couch, and the void he’ll leave behind will be felt by absolutely all. For real.
As a little goodbye, we thought it best that Cameron tell his Dig1 story firsthand, so without further ado, here it goes:
“I came to work for Digital One in April 2007 after 4 years as director of Evergreen, a preschool I’d founded when my son Harry was 2 years old. Having committed just a few weeks earlier to a 2nd year of ‘Camp Cameron’ – a roving summer program in which myself and some of my former students piled into my Land Cruiser for a series of field trips around the city, coast, gorge and mountains – I asked Eric if he’d be willing to let me take leave for the summer after being with the company for only 8 weeks. Knowing what that experience meant to the kids and I, he graciously agreed.
It was a gesture that spoke volumes about how Digital One treated its employees – like a family, really – respecting the passions and interests of each member of the team and trusting that it all ultimately contributes to the company’s mission and the greater good. That core value compelled me to stay on for 7 years as Eric & I worked closely together to evolve and grow the company through a tumultuous and rapidly changing time within the production community.
Tasked with reinventing the role of producer and expanding the scope of services the company provided, I listened attentively to our clients needs, then collaborated closely with the Digital One team to insure that we delivered the best possible work with a level of service that exceeded expectations at every turn. It’s been both challenging and extremely satisfying, and I’ve learned a great deal about how to foster change in people and organizations through accountability and respect.
I’m now ready to move on and apply those lessons to a new endeavor. While the specifics are still to be discovered – I’m considering a return to working with children, for instance, but also exploring options within the worlds of counseling, mediation, and occupational therapy (to name a few!) – I’m clear that I want to use my listening and facilitating skills to be in service to others. I’m grateful for the relationships that I’ve built during my time at Dig1, and look forward to continuing them in the future.”
All of us at Dig1 wish Cam the absolute best of luck, although we hate to see him go. And Leo. That part sucks too. But all that aside, Cameron Shaw — you the man. Email info@digone.com if you’d like to track down his personal contact info, or keep an eye on him via LinkedIn.
If you’re in the Portland area tonight (Thursday, August 14th), stop by for a drink at White Owl Social Club (1305 SE 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97214) between 5pm – 8pm to show our dude Cameron off in style.