T-Minus [less than] 40-Hours to Rally for BOONE

Posted on Jun 4, 2013
T-Minus [less than] 40-Hours to Rally for BOONE

UPDATE: The fundraiser campaign was successful! Thank you to each and every person who contributed their time, energy, or hard earned $$’s to the cause. This is exciting stuff y’all. Keep your eyes peeled for the BOONE documentary in the coming months!
BOONE is a documentary all about experience, risk, and self-discipline. Filmed in Southern Oregon during a two year period where filmmakers Christopher LaMarca and Katrina Taylor totally immersed themselves in the environment, dealing with the day-to-day and season-to-season trials and tribulations of self-reliance. BOONE captures the journey of three young farmers that take on the United States Department of Agriculture in an effort to defend their livelihood, existence and well-being.
BOONE Documentary - Digital One - Portland, OR

With less than 40 hours left to raise the funds needed to make this film a possibility, time is running out. Please consider making a donation via the BOONE Kickstarter campaign, and learn more @ boonethefilm.com.