“Blind Pass” Officially Enters Film Festival Season

Posted on Apr 2, 2013
“Blind Pass” Officially Enters Film Festival Season

We were recently given the opportunity to work with Writer-Director Steve Tatone of Midnight Pass Productions on his latest feature-film “Blind Pass”. Filmed on location in Sarasota, Florida, across the pond in Dublin, Ireland, and throughout County Clare (as seen in the photo above), “Blind Pass” is that special sort of film that effectively captures the despair of losing what’s seemingly most important, while simultaneously discovering what’s most important in life. After celebrating its world premiere at Tampa Bay’s Gasparilla Film Festival on March 22nd, “Blind Pass” is poised to screen at film festivals in the US and throughout Europe, starting as an Official Selection for the Ft. Myers Beach Film Festival, which takes place April 24th – 28th.
“Blind Pass” provided the engineers at Dig1 a chance to mix a full-length surround sound film, but with a catch: finish it on an extremely tight deadline. To get the job done, it was all hands on deck. Ryan tackled the dialogue, while Chip filled in ambiences and went to work on foley with Eric. Digital One’s division of labor allowed the engineers to work simultaneously and efficiently, while maintaining organization on such a large project.
Working remotely up until this point, Director Steve Tatone flew out to Portland for an action-packed weekend of sound design, 5.1 surround sound mixing and finishing touches. After locking themselves away for several long days (and nights), Ryan, Steve and composer Andrew Poole Todd finalized the “Blind Pass” mix with fantastic results.
Take a gander at the official trailer below, and keep your eyes peeled for “Blind Pass” in a theater near you!