“A Place of Truth” Hits the Festival Circuit!

Posted on Nov 8, 2013
“A Place of Truth” Hits the Festival Circuit!

A few months ago, we were approached by Barrett Rudich, a very good friend (and talented director to boot), who had been working tirelessly on his first feature-length documentary A Place of Truth. For over two years, Rudich has poured his heart and soul into telling the story of young poet (a.k.a. busker) Abi Mott, who he stumbled upon while leaving Portland’s famed Powell’s Bookstore. Rudich learned of Abi’s cross-country journey from Pennsylvania to Portland (as well as a multitude of locations in between), and promptly decided that her tale needed to be told as she ventured into the great unknown.
Already garnering praise, A Place of Truth strikes a chord that truly resonates. Jamie S. Rich, film critic for The Oregonian, wrote of his top picks at the 40th Annual Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival (which kicks off tonight at the former Broadway Metroplex!) stating, “My favorite of the films I’ve seen, however, is Barrett Rudich’s “A Place of Truth.” The director follows street poet Abigail Mott around the country. The charming author earns her way honing her craft, buying time while she searches for meaning and honest connections. If Mott comes to Portland, I have a ten-spot waiting to have her write a verse on the topic of ‘spirits.’ Or perhaps, more appropriately, ‘movies.'”
A Place of Truth - Digital One - Portland, OR

As A Place of Truth hits the festival circuit, don’t miss your chance to see the film on the silver screen:
Mount Hood Independent Film Festival: Sunday, November 10th @ 1pm; Hood River, OR
Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival: Wednesday, November 13th @ 7pm; Portland, OR
Hollywood Theater: Sunday, November 17th @ 4:30pm; Portland, OR
Catch A Place of Truth at one of these upcoming indie film festivals, and be sure to peep the trailer below. While you’re at it, make sure to see some of the other fantastic films at the 40th Annual Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival. Learn more at NWfilm.org.