2015 Comic-Con to Host Vintage Tomorrows Premiere

Posted on Jul 10, 2015
2015 Comic-Con to Host Vintage Tomorrows Premiere

It’s official, this year’s 2015 Comic-Con International: San Diego is underway. With thousands of attendees from all around the world, Comic-Con serves as the annual celebration of comics, fiction/fantasy film, art, and culture. This year, we are so excited to see Portland’s own, Porter Panther premiere Vintage Tomorrows, a documentary film about the Steampunk movement.

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Paul Anina

With our very own Reed Harvey on sound design/dialog editing and Ryan Mauk on mixing for Vintage Tomorrows we at Digital One got a glimpse into something truly unique. In Vintage Tomorrows director Bryd McDonald examines the Steampunk movement’s explosive growth, origins, and cultural significance, from its sci-fi beginnings into an aesthetic and DIY movement that influences art, fashion, design and music globally. Through interviews and debates with Steampunk pioneers such as William Gibson, Sterling, China Miéville, Cherie Priest, Gail Carriger; graphic novelists Paul Guignon and more Vintage Tomorrows poses the fundamental question: What does Steampunk tell us about history, community and our complicated relationship with technology?

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When it came to the sound design for Vintage Tomorrows Reed Harvey commented “it was very much inspired by the DIY/craftsman spirit of the subjects in the film; the tinkering and using your hands”. Using a combination of antiquated and futuristic sounds to match the picture allows for audiences to connect with Steampunk’s “mad inventors”and retro-futuristic technology. Working closely with Porter Panther’s Director Byrd McDonald, Executive Producer Sean Hutchinson and Editor Alan Winston, Ryan Mauk mixed the film in surround sound to bring an immersive feel to the film, all the while ensuring a clear and precise sound for interviewees.

If you find yourself at this year’s Comic-Con be sure to attend the world premiere of Vintage Tomorrows on Saturday, July 11 @ 7:40pm! For location and addition information click here.